Tuesday, November 17, 2009

7.5 Habits

I guess the hardest habit for me is PLAY. It is the hardest simply because of the time factor. I have a hard time making time for PLAY. Having said that I am a firm believer that PLAY is critical to learning. When I was teaching I always built in time for my students to PLAY whenever I shared a new learning tool or equipment with them. As a principal I find I should do the same thing with my staff. I share all types of new strategies, tools, etc. ... but then never give them enough time to just PLAY with them. I will try to build in time for both myself and my staff to PLAY!

I think the easiest habit for me is USING TECHNOLOGY TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. I really enjoy technology and love when new tools can help make my job easier, a presentation better, or get a point across more effectively. In this day and age there are so many "cool" tools out there for us to use that do not only make our jobs and lives easier... but also really enhance our productivity and the ways we communicate ideas and/or visions.

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  1. I agree that my hardest habit is play. I'm teaching 5 different courses at our high school and directing four full-blown plays or musicals each school year. I haven't time to sleep, let alone play on the computer...luckily, my own two kids help to navigate the tech ropes for me.!